At a young age, Carolyn grew up studying classical music and playing the piano. Obsessed with the keys, she elevated her vocals to later sellout intimate venues in and around the New York City area. This singer/songwriter experiments with an eclectic mix of classical music, jazz, pop, r&b and hip hop. The diversity of sounds are soul-captivating to those that appreciate an organic music composition. Records like “Peace of Mind,” echo a cinematic/ romantic drama sound, while “Could We Talk” provide an upbeat house feel that attracts the party scene. Her wide range of music diversity makes Carolyn a “dope hybrid,” in the music industry. Needless to say, this explains her most recent collaboration with Shuko Beats, RA the Rugged Man, Vinne Paz, and Saigon who pushed her voice onto the radar as a “Hook Writer” in the Hip Hop World.