Open Mic Night at Northern Soul

Carolyn Monroe Performs Supersonic Live at Northern Soul in Hoboken NJ

I never liked open mic nights. All the eager musicians holding their instruments nervously while they wait for other artists to get up and cautiously perform their three songs until their turn comes. Its a very competitive and uncomfortable environment for me. Stressful.

So it took me three times to get the nerve to ask if I could put my name up on the sign in board at Northern Soul, a little bar on 1st and grand in Hoboken NJ. Jaime , the sound engineer, was super welcoming to me and he helped me set up my three song set and adjust my mic. My experience was off to a good start.

The crowd there is engaging. They actually want to watch. Many of the musicians stay up towards the front to show support for the other artists. This was the kind of open mic night I could get used to.

The bartender on Wednesdays is the kind of person who remembers everyone’s name. By the second time I went, he already knew mine and I felt right at home.

Now months later I have been to dozens of open mic nights at Northern Soul. Every time I go I meet more and more incredible musicians and genuinely interested patrons who enjoy the small little music haven that Norther Soul offers every Wednesday night from 8-10

I find that this experience is the best type of practice for me. I have learned to be comfortable in front of intimate crowds. I have learned how to be deliberate in my performance . I have also learned how to keep my chatting succinct and meaningful in between songs. These lessons are invaluable to me and to all artists.

I just want to say, where ever you are in the world, if you are a musician or a performer, find your local open mic nights. Create an environment of support and creativity. Encourage people to do songs with each other and collaborate, or just simply encourage each other. Musicians need this, we thrive on it. I am so glad I found my place. I hope you find yours.

Carolyn Monroe Performs Supersonic at Northern Soul 1/13/16



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