The Best National Anthem Ever

I love the national anthem. I have performed it at major sporting events, televised shows and college games. It is the biggest thrill. Firstly, there is an entire day of anticipation and butterflies in your stomach. You just keep warming up and singing it over and over until you feel like you could sing it backwards and on your head. You get to the event hours early to do a sound check. Then you go back to your dressing room and wait. And wait. And then someone comes to get you and they lead you out from the hallways into the arena space and your mind is blown. It is so bright and there are so many faces and so much noise your head is spinning and you are 100% sure that you are going to forget the words. Your mouth gets dry and you start getting that shaky feeling in your legs but its too late because the lights go out and you cant see anything else but the floor in front of you and you open your mouth and I swear its like flying. The melody its self is so big that you really have to open up and support your voice with breath. This gets your blood rushing even more and its like a high. And of course the words come flowing out of you and become conscious of the fact that you are actually doing it. And it feels amazing. And then you get to the end of the anthem. O’er the land of the free. And you hold that note. And people go wild. Everyone loves this part of the national anthem. This is the part where you get goosebumps. And the home of the brave. And you are done.

That is how I feel when I sing our national anthem. But there is another time that I get goosebumps from the national anthem. And it happens everytime without fail. Whitney Houston at the 1991 Super Bowl Championship. Oh. My. God. I grew up singing along to her albums until I could sing every single word and hit every single note. I listened over and over and over again working until I could keep up. And I still haven’t done it. Her voice had to be engineered by a higher power. It is so perfect, so buttery and so harmonic that I cannot imagine she was human. So forgive me if any other anthem has always come short. In honor of Whitney I wanted to post her Star Spangled today. We lost such an incredible voice. She cannot be replaced.