The Amy Winehouse Engagement gets a dress rehearsal in and some press!


After a stellar dress rehearsal Monday with the whole 12 piece band we are really looking forward to Friday’s show.

Monday we sat around sipping whiskey and cheap beer and playing through the set list for the show. It felt like we have been playing together for  ten years and the vibe was just really playful and really super excited. We were all buzzing with giddy energy and with all 4 girls harmonizing and horns blaring, cello’s singing and guitars ringing and a bass plucking. It was a madhouse and it sounded amazing. Our band really consists of some of the most talented musicians from Hudson County.


When the keyboards and bass and drums got there we started working into much of the early set list material and we just fell into place. As the additional singers and then the violin and the horns and guitar got there the songs started getting bigger and bigger until we were running them full out and I was just mesmerized by how easily they came together. When you get the chance to work with people who are just exponentially more talented than you it leaves you with this need to work harder. I just felt like ,’Ok, I have really only just begun and I can learn so much from these other cats.’  Watching Jaime DeJesus just work through charts for every musician by hand and seeing him just doing notations that it would have taken me a month to do was mind blowing to me. Then the singers get there and they start just sight reading the harmonies and singing them and i’m like ‘ok theyre way better than me at this I have to really work right now’ and then you suddenly  get into this really focused zone because you dont want to let anyone else in the band down. This whole experience has left me wanting to do so much more and it has been really inspiring.

I’ve been doing this in between working in the studio with Joshua Sadlier Brown , which is pronounced “sad-ler” (ive been corrected) on some really cool new music. We have been exploring different genres and writing in pop punk and then 60’s styles for the past month. Working on the #hobokenAWE has gotten me into this really cool rhythm of music where I find my self working a lot more and it feels really great to be so busy.

Capacity Images has been following the process of us getting ready for the show and its been a ton of non stop work for what feels like months now. Mike Kuzan and Elizabeth Constantino have been coming religiously to photograph us at the open mic’s and getting older footage of us together for Social Media and its great to have such a hard working dedicated team behind something like this. I can’t wait to see the compiled photos and video after the whole thing is done. Our humble little crew has been featured in multiple news outlets in and around the Hudson County area!

I wanted to post the links here for anyone who wanted to read about the show and provide the link to purchase the tickets here

Below are some press links about the Amy Winehouse Engagement. H-Mag did a particularly great job of catching the mood of the show!



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