The Hoboken Music Scene 

Last November I was invited by a local music celebrity , Jaime DeJesus , to take the part of Dr John in the annual recreation of The Last Waltz. It was a most memorable experience for me. Tbh I always associated great musicians with New York City. I was wrong. Here in Hudson county nj we have some of the most talented artists and musicians that the tri state has to offer. Jersey City and Hoboken have some of the most artist friendly up and coming neighborhoods. It’s no accident. The townships foster the arts here heavily and with good reason. With the skyrocketing rents in New York City driving the creatives away, where can they go? Here. In Hoboken alone we have about 5 open mic nights throughout the week. All in a square mile. And in such a tight knit community it’s easy to find your place . Comedians , singers, songwriters and any other type of live performer all have a place somewhere in Hudson County.

For me, I found some good homes for my music here and I’ve been able to be apart of some really great things because of it.

Here’s me at the Last Waltz at Maxwells, a completely sold out show. My very first.

Carolyn Monroe performing Dr Johns Such a Night