The Hoboken David Bowie Engagement

Oh my god, Jaime DeJesus did it again. This time he got together over 30 local musicians and paid homage to one the greatest pop stars of our time, David Bowie.

After a super fun dress rehearsal where we ran through our set list drinking beers and tolerating Gerry Rosenthal’s unending guitar solo Sunday night, we finally got the chance to do it for real.


Thursday August 4th was a perfect day. The weather on the waterfront was breezy and warm and the children were frolicking in the juice of a thousand mob hits, The Hudson. Our view overlooked the Manhattan skyline, so 100 plus of Hoboken’s residents could be reminded that they are really living in NJ.

File_000 (5)

I opened the set list along side Dejesus with Under Pressure. Throughout the process of learning my parts for the show, I was reminded of the incredible range and vocal power of Freddy Mercury. When ever I used to think of Queen, it would be with a shudder when my boyfriend would ask me if I want to watch the fucking movie Flash Gordon again. No, I fucking don’t. Then he would remind me that Queen did the sound track and it was the best movie of all time. Gag. That movie makes me wish I was dodging homeless men jerking off on the subway instead of home watching Flash Gordon.

But I digress. Queen is one of the best rock bands of all time. And David Bowie is one of the most iconic pop stars of all time. Iconic. Legendary. A King.

So two grammies, 4 brit awards and 140 million records sold worldwide is David Bowie. He has been a successful musician since 1969. When he died in January of 2016, the world lost a huge chunk of music history. And ALeo music rounded up the riff raff that is the Hoboken music community, including “Liam The Leapord” Butterscotch doing his very best rockstar impression below.



Chris Capaci from Capacity Images came to both the dress rehearsal and the big show to document for the police and lawyers   the experience, which was magical.

We even got featured in H-Mag!

We got such an awesome crowd and when we were finished we were all relieved that we could celebrate with our friends and family getting shit cocked.

Once again I was blown away by the talent that we have in Hoboken and Jersey City. Im pretty blessed to get to share a stage with this crew.

I can not wait for the Last Waltz in November. Its going to be a doozy!