The Dead Poets #1

Monday night was an eye opening experience into the growing world of word art here in Hoboken.

Aside from a stunning array of hip hop acts including The Kids Up North and Mula, there were some mind blowing poets in the house.

Buttered Roll performed a moving set of slam poetry. The crowd was completely silent with bursts here and there of applause or laughter as he went through a set of three pieces that elicited emotions from across the room. You could hear a pin drop in the dark room at the back of Maxwell’s Tavern.

Yet another poet, Ruben Red, took the stage. He went up for the first time ever and performed pieces about love. Many attendees, including myself, were blown away.


And finally, miss Ana Vee took the stage and performed a mix between poetry and song that resulted in an eruption of applause by every single person in the room.

The evening continued with Mula taking the stage to perform his latest singles which brought down the house.

Mula was followed by Angel Ideal and Ian Matthew who rocked the crowd out of their seats.

We not only had a successful first night at The Dead Poets, but we had an incredible experience. I am so much looking forward to the next open mic on Monday October 24th from 8-11. Same place, same time.

Come be apart of something big! Poetry and Hip Hop at Maxwell’s.

Enjoy some photos from the event, courtesy of Mike Kuzan from The Latest Noise. Mike runs a mix tape/concert series of local emerging artists called The Latest Noise Live as well as photography and live sound engineering for Maxwell’s.

A special thanks to Dave Entwistle of Maxwell’s who not only made everyone sound fantastic but also made it possible.

We had the pleasure of hearing some incredible artists. Our first “The Dead Poets” consisted of:

Buttered Roll, IAMX, Hezy, Money, King Jay, Starchild, Ruben Red, Just Papi, Anna Vee, Mula, Ian Matthew, Angel Ideal


Ruben Red
Mula and The Kids Up North
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