Some of my best friends and favorite people are DJ’s. Before I started expanding into Djing I had very little knowledge about how much work and learning actually goes into it. Then DJ Ginzu, my long time friend and business partner at V/O Songwriting introduced me to a simple way to learn working mix tables through applications. Through weekly parties and practice, I have gained and perfected many skills and come to realize that it is truly an art. As I watch friends and masters of their craft like Todd Terry, Ant La Rock and even DJ Skribble do their thing, I come to realize I have so much more to learn. The art of Djing is an ever growing and ever expanding field of neat new technologies and old fashioned skills. Learning the equipment is only one small step in becoming a prolific artist in the field of disk jockeying. The art of the mix takes time. Learning to read crowds takes even more time. As I grow in my field I find that there are so many incredible artist’s I can aspire towards. The challenge is a thrill and I cant wait to see what the future holds.

Check me out every Friday 6:30-10:30 at Home Sweet Home where I play an eclectic mix of classic rock, 80’s and 90’s alternative.