Is there a method to the madness of songwriting?

Carolyn Monroe seems to think so. When talking about her approach to writing catchy, audience driven music, Ms Monroe is all about organized chaos.

“I like to break down my songwriting sessions. We try to start with the music itself.  Am I writing alone at my piano? Am I writing to a track? If so, what was this producer trying to say with his music? What are my buzz words? We formulate section to section in my sessions so that we can keep the writing organized. We make spaces and then we fill them in.”

Ms Monroe has the ability to write within any genre but her strengths lie in pop and dance music. She also composes classical music and instrumentals.

On collaborating, “Collaborating is  fun and can be challenging. That is how we grow. People bring out emotions and feelings in you. This can stretch your capacity to express and that is huge.”

Having written with dozens of songwriters and producers as well as writing as a solo artist, Ms Monroe has amassed a massive catalog of records with varying inspirations. Would you like to set up a songwriting sessions with her?  Email her at to arrange your next great writing session!